Our Process

We believe in structured approach to every project we take on. To help our customers succeed we developed a series of steps to make sure every aspect of our work follows a transparent and logical pattern. We develop a nuanced gameplan for every client and set internal tasks and goals around it.

1. Listening

Every great project starts with a conversation. We begin with a client call to determine your needs, learn more about your business and outline further steps.

2. Research

We do market research into your industry and competition. It is important that we speak your professional language and see your goals as our own.

3. Offer

Before any contracts are signed, we provide you with a brief description of solutions we chose for you. You will get an offer based on tasks at hand, project complexity, and timeline.

4. Scoping

We conduct a more extensive interview and do more research. This work becomes basis for tasks, combined into smaller projects and sprints, which we then use to satisfy your digital needs.

5. Implementing

Using the tasklist and research / interview findings, we set out do the hard work for you. In this stage we work to build a fully responsive, fast and modern website, develop a digital strategy or simply solve your WordPress plugin issue.

6. Onboarding

We make sure to tell you everything you need to know about using your new website – be it publishing content, managing ads or store listings, or reviewing website performance and KPIs. For a digital strategy, we give an extensive overview of proposed solutions.

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