Simple Trick That Will Improve Your Landing Pages

Little landing page touch up trick that will significantly improve the quality of your marketing efforts.

Here it is:

💻 ONE screen = ONE idea

Each section of the landing page should bring up one point, connected in one way or another to the main goal of the site.

LPs are like PowerPoint presentations. Section by section, they lead the user to make the target action.

Don’t try to show everything in one screen.

If you want to sound convincing, don’t pour everything on your customer at once. Divide what you have to say into blocks and use as little text as possible. It’s always useful to cut down at least 30% of the text.

The challenge of an effective landing page is being able to expand your vision gradually, point by point, without overwhelming the reader.

Another approach to a landing page is seeing it as a long read. Each chapter focuses on a single topic.

Attention is the new currency. You have several seconds to win users’ attention, so use them to the fullest.

A user should be able to see what your page is about by reading headlines only.

Clearer #writing means better user experience, better engagement, higher Google rankings and more clients.

Sample #landingpage structure:

1️⃣ Hero section: your product and mission
2️⃣ Pains and aches of the potential customer
3️⃣ More about the solution you offer
4️⃣ Benefits of the product
5️⃣ Testimonials and reviews
6️⃣ Call to action

There might be more and more sections, depending on your imagination and the product you are trying to sell.

Now go ahead and test your landing page: Are you talking about one single topic in each screen? Is the headline a reflection of that topic? Are your headlines telling a full story?


Olga Dorovskykh

Co-founder and Head of Digital at Applet Studio. An ex-journalist who turned to digital marketing and web design. My expertise combines both content and design, as you know one cannot exist without another.

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