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Hosted annually, the Tiger Conference by Kyiv Post is an independent platform for lively discussions that brings together 400+ Ukrainian & world leaders as well as key decision makers in government, business, and civil society.

Our challenge was to present the conference, key stakeholders, speakers & panelists, organizers and sponsors in a neat and easy to navigate one-landing-page format.

We made sure website visitors had the most valuable information at their fingertips – agenda, a schedule for panels and topics with a list of speakers separated by panels, ticket sales, where the conference took place and how to get there.

The whole project took less than a month to implement, from initial concept to final product. To a certain degree, this was but to using Tilda Publishing as a platform of choice – much more flexible than many other website builders available on the market today, Tilda allowed us to rapidly prototype key design elements, get feedback from client and push changes in the same day, often multiple times.

While WordPress would shine for a content website, online store or a more complicated project, using a tool like Tilda for a one-landing-page website surely made the difference.