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About Olga & Roman

Five years ago two journalists and then students of the Missouri School of Journalism fell in love with web development and content marketing.

T-shaped professionals, we now lead an on-demand web team helping service-based businesses launch professional marketing-optimized websites.

We launched Applet Studio in 2018 right after our son Maxim was born. We transitioned from managing web department at a company to working full time with a number of clients.





We perfected a web design process that lets our clients develop a clear vision for what they want to accomplish and launch a successful website that sells professional services.

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Olga Dorovskykh

Olga is a journalist-turned-web designer. I’m living up to a motto that a web designer is a new marketer. In my work, I’m combining content, design and marketing expertise. Most of the time my clients need something bigger than just a website, or a content strategy. They need to solve a particular problem, increase sales or systematize their business. I design, write and help make businesses more digital.

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Roman Kolgushev

Roman is a self-starter, a creative thinker and a problem solver with passion for clean and efficient design. I’m an interdisciplinary professional with experience in both creating content, and building systems and platforms to make every client’s dream come true. A guy with two Master’s degrees, dozens of successful projects and years of experience behind me. An editor, developer, educator, and a proud father, I strive to perfection at any task I undertake. Now also a business founder & CTO, I know the pains and struggles a business owner has. And my job is to help our clients take stress out of their success stories.



Accelerate your success with a creative digital strategy session. Hop on a 45-minute call with Olga to discuss your online presence and assets, and ask questions.