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Five years ago two journalists and then students of the Missouri School of Journalism fell in love with web development and content marketing. T-shaped professionals, we now work as an on-demand web team, solving a variety of problems with design, content, and marketing strategy as well as project management. Our unique communication background lets us bring clarity and precision into all projects we take on.

WordPress helped us change our careers and our lives forever. Do you share our passion?

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Got an idea for a project?
We’ll find the perfect technology stack for it.

Just as you, we are used to spending hours on platforms like Envato market looking for the right WordPress plugins and themes.

Over the years, we tested hundreds of solutions and know a great theme or a killer plugin when we see one. WordPress marketplaces hide real jewels – some of the best ready-made templates are just as good as custom-built websites.

Matching your needs to the theme’s functionality and extending with the right combination of plugins is what will get the project going. See a complete list of services we provide.

How much time does it take to make a website?
to kick things off with a gameplan
to finalize research and begin prototyping
to a finished product

Olga Dorovskykh is a journalist-turned-web designer. I’m living up to a motto that a web designer is a new marketer. In my work, I’m combining content, design and marketing expertise. Most of the time my clients need something bigger than just a website, or a content strategy. They need to solve a particular problem, increase sales or systematize their business. I design, write and help make businesses more digital.

Roman is a self-starter, a creative thinker and problem solver with passion for clean, secure and efficient code. I am truly an interdisciplinary professional with experience in both creating content and building systems and platforms to make sure that content shines on the web. My personal favorite professional moments are when I tackle a digital problem with well-designed and a well-functioning solution, be it something as complex as a complete WordPress website, or something as basic as a data visualization.

Anton is an artist with a passion for creating new things in new contexts. My background in both fine arts and graphic design helps me solve visual communication problems and create graphics for all kinds of content, be it publishing design, graphics for events or presentation decks.

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