Kyiv Post Website Redesign and Relaunch, Digital Strategy

Kyiv Post is Ukraine’s leading English-language newspaper with long and rich history in serving it’s community of readers, advertisers and partners. In 2015 the Kyiv Post was seeking to improve their digital strategy and update their outdated website design.

At that time Applet’s co-founders Roman and Olga still worked as a unit within the Kyiv Post staff, not as a separate studio (read our full story here). Initially, they were tasked with helping manage transition to a new website, which had been in development for some time. Applet co-founders oversaw migration of all company data and digital infrastructure onto the new website and helped complete the project, working closely with the code website dev team.

Soon after the move was completed, it became clear that the new design, though a more fresh take on the look and feel of the website, lacked some key features and failed to address important concerns. And so work began almost immediately on a new iteration of the website, one focusing now so much on visual redesign itself, but on usability, user experience and publications’ digital strategy.

We started with looking at existing website analytics, at Kyiv Post’s clients and users, at processes in the newsroom and other departments. Identifying key stress points, we came up with a refined digital strategy. We suggested a new approach to SEO and SMM, to managing and publishing content. The newsroom was extended with a graphics desk and the new digital platform was to support native advertising, special projects and simplify content publishing.

As Kyiv Post is among just a few Ukrainian publications with a paywall, we worked to introduce a hassle-free system to bring better experience to both staff journalists and their readers. We have re-worked and simplified subscription models, offering 3 simple choices.

Since tasks within the Kyiv Post took most of the time, a decision was made to outsource new website dev and design to, another great Kyiv-based WordPress development studio. While Olga and Roman focused on inner workings of the business and managed the website re-launch process on the client side, Deco worked hard at implementing their vision for the Kyiv Post’s digital strategy into a new, modern and unique design.

Since its launch in late 2016 the new website is a key element in Kyiv Post’s business model. It has a stable base of paying subscribers and it’s newsroom’s daily operations revolve around the website as much as around getting the latest newspaper issue to the printing press on time.

Since WordPress was the CSM of choice for the Kyiv Post, they were since able to work either with Deco or independently to rapidly develop and implement new features, from introducing new design and layout elements to introducing a new “leaky” paywall solution.