Lead Generation

Silicon Valley Innovation Center is among just a few unique companies in the Silicon Valley offering tours of innovative companies in the Valley, immersive experiences with newest gadgets and providing access to experts and industry insiders.

We have worked with SVIC on a variety of projects, big and small, providing project ownership and management services, web design and development.

For the Silicon Valley Tours website, the unique challenge has been to present a user-friendly interface for browsing, selecting, booking and paying for regular and custom tours of the Silicon Valley companies.

We started with an MVP WordPress website powered by the Listify listings theme and WooCommerce, among other technologies, but quickly grew the project to accompany much more diverse listing types and a more robust and complicated booking logic. As with many MVPs, the Silicon Valley Tours website has gone through multiple adjustments and changes before we were satisfied with the end result.

Working on the system architecture, adjusting it to match the marketing strategy we devised for the website, has been an incredible learning experience for us.